Presenting A New Series

I'm Sam Wharton, author of the Jonathan Hare Series.

I was fifteen and at a boarding school in England when Ian Fleming's 'James Bond' hit the bookstands. Like all boys of that age I enjoyed the books, but a question kept nagging at me:

"Where did James Bond come from?"

The Mysterious Arrival of James Bond

james bond

Bond just appeared, fully-fledged in 'M's office. Ian Fleming never told us much about Bond's family or background.

Bond must once have been, like me, a schoolboy in short pants and school blazer. So where did he acquire all his skills and savoir faire? How did he get his '00' prefix? Who gave him his licence to kill? More about James Bond

Building an Intelligence Agent

It's 1954 in England and Jonathan Hare has just finished his boarding school education and is waiting to enter University. He comes equipped with special skills; he's an exceptional locksmith and safebreaker.

As the story unfolds, Jonathan has several adventures which bring him to the attention of the Intelligence community and, when he gets to Oxford University, he is steered into the agent training process. He takes on increasingly higher profile missions, during which he matures in a hurry! Continue